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Geoenvironmental Consultancy

Our Technical Director is a Specialist in Land Condition (SiLC) and has many years experience of investigating and remediating brownfield and contaminated land sites. We view land quality in terms of its life cycle. We aim to apply our professional skills to the sustainable re-use of land.  

Our services complement the divestment and acquisition process. From initial site audits and desk study reports providing a low cost preliminary conceptualisation and assessment of risk serving as a basis for more detailed engineering appraisals.

We have considerable experience in environmental and geotechnical site investigations, and provide a cost effective services by utilising a range of drilling and probing equipment appropriate to the ground conditions and project objectives.

Quantitative Risk Assessment is the key driver in remediation design to ensure that a site is suitable for its proposed use. We apply risk assessment methodologies to produce a robust basis for subsequent remediation design.

We utilise science and engineering to combine practical environmental remediation strategies with economic ground improvement and have a successful track record in enabling the development of previously unaffordable projects.

Case Studies can be downloaded from our Case Studies Page.